Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Using Trumpf L3050 Laser Cutting Centre

Laser cutting is an ideal processing solution for cutting sheetmetal. It has the ability to form burr-free intricate shapes in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass with minimal distortion. At Davin, these advantages prompted us to install the Trumpf L3050, a dynamic and highly-powered CO² laser cutting centre.

The 3050 operates on the ‘flying optics’ principle, in which the sheetmetal is stationary and the laser head moves across the work area, allowing high machining speeds to be achieved. The Trumpf L3050 is also fitted with automated loading and unloading of both sheet and finished components.

Use the Trumpf L3050 Laser Cutting Centre to benefit from:

  • High-speed cutting of thin sheet material.
  • High power to cut thick sheet/plate (up to 25mm mild steel).
  • Cost-effectiveness through high-speed operation.
  • Fast set-up and processing times.
  • Economical from small production runs to ‘lights-out’ operation.

Quotations and Orders

Send our sales engineers your component drawing or DXF file and they will reply to your enquiry with a quoted cost and delivery date. We can also maintain a computer file of the component for future production or modification.

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