Davin has facilities and techniques for most materials, including manual arc, MIG, TIG, oxy-acetylene and spot. They comply with 4711,AS1554 and US Mil Std 1595A when required.

Our welding department is one of the largest in the factory, and we have staff with great expertise in all kinds of welding.

Robot Welding

A recent addition to our manufacturing plant is an Almega AX-V6L robot welder. This machine has boosted our capacity in welding by a huge amount, and means we have the ability to take on more complex welding work in production volumes. The quality of the weld means that even on decorative parts weld beads need little or no dressing, saving us time and our customers money. custom-made packaging for protection of high grade finishes completes our integrated manufacturing solution to provide effective logistics and distribution direct to client’s facilities.